Maintaining Connection: Alternate Communication Devices for Emergency Situations


One aspect of prepping that often gets overlooked is the need for alternative communication devices. Many people underestimate the importance of staying in touch with their family and group members during a disaster. Even if the power grid is functioning, the sheer volume of people trying to make calls can overwhelm mobile phone towers, causing communication issues. And if the power grid fails, the situation becomes even more dire.

In any emergency, having a backup means of communication is essential, especially if you become separated from your loved ones. Imagine trying to locate a lost child during a disaster – it’s a nightmare scenario.

Here are some alternative communication tools that can help you stay connected and ensure everyone’s safety during a bugout.

1. Walkie-Talkies

Walkie-talkies are among the most reliable short-distance communication devices for emergencies. While they require batteries, you can plan ahead by having a portable solar power source to keep them charged. The main drawback is their limited range, but their compact size makes them easy to include in your go bag. When choosing walkie-talkies, opt for durable, high-quality models rather than cheap toys.

2. HAM Radio

HAM radios are not ideal for bugouts but are invaluable for sheltering in place. They do require training to operate effectively, so it’s crucial to learn how to use one before disaster strikes. HAM radios require a license and are best suited for long-term communication, making them a valuable tool for maintaining contact with prepper friends across long distances. However, exercise caution when communicating with strangers, as you may encounter untrustworthy individuals. Additionally, remember that operating a HAM radio without a proper license can lead to legal issues.

3. Citizen Band Radio (CB Radio)

CB radios offer long-distance communication without the need for a license. They are more compact than HAM radios and have a shorter learning curve, making them a practical choice. Mounting CB radios in bugout vehicles allows for communication on the road, and their portability ensures you can take them on foot if necessary.

In emergency situations, having multiple communication tools at your disposal is essential. Each device has its strengths and is suited to specific scenarios. It’s advisable to diversify your communication options to ensure you can stay in touch effectively after a disaster strikes.