Staccato P 2011 vs 1911


2011 Vs 1911: Is More Gun More Better? 


Is a 2011 better than a 1911? 

Yes. But also no. Actually, it really depends on what you’re looking for in a gun. Inevitably, the question is going to come up but the answer really isn’t as simple as the numbers on paper would make it seem.  

Both have a place, but it really becomes a question of better for what and for whom. And also which 1911 you’re comparing to a Staccato. 

For this edition of Battle Of The Barrels, we took out a Staccato P and a Springfield Armory Mil Spec to see how much of a difference the extra capacity and features makes. 

The conclusion? You’ll have to keep reading…

Staccato P: The 2011 

A 2011 is only a 2011 if it’s made with the STI 2011 frame system and not all double-stack 1911s are. A Staccato P, made by the company formerly known as STI, is. 

The frame system is modular, adapting the grip module to any one of their configurations, which range from compact single-stack (the Staccato C) to the Staccato XL, a longslide model. We had the Staccato P, which is for all intents and purposes their full-size gun. 

These are the specs:


Staccato P

Barrel length

4.4 inches

Overall length

8.0 inches

Grip width

1.3 inches

Width at controls

1.5 inches


5.5 inches


28 oz*

Capacity (9mm)





The Staccato P is offered with an aluminum or steel frame, whichever is preferred. The steel frame adds 5 oz of weight. 

The P is the full-size model, with larger and a smaller double-stack model (the Staccato C2) being available as well. 

Staccato P Features

So let’s go over the Staccato P’s features. 

All Staccato pistols feature a match-fit bull barrel and a full-length guide rod. All small parts (the hammer, the sear and disconnector, the ejector, the slide stop, etc.) are machined from forgings, rather than castings and metal injection molding. 

The frame is railed to accept a light, and the slight has front and rear cocking serrations. 

The sights are a black steel rear/fiber optic front, with a fixed rear sight. The rear sight has a deep, wide notch and the front sight is narrow, likely a .125″ front sight. They give the shooter more visual input and more precise alignment than typical “combat” sight sets. 

All Staccato pistols feature a beavertail grip safety and ambidextrous thumb safeties of the combat variety (extended length but modest width) with Commander-style hammers and curved three-hole (“skeletonized”) triggers. 

The trigger appears to be fit with minimal play and the slide-to-frame fit is tight, with glass-smooth travel on the frame rails. 

The Staccato pistols are “Series 70” in that they lack a firing pin block. The trigger press is light, clean and consistent with a good break and short reset. When people talk about 1911 triggers, this is the kind they mean. 

The Staccato 2011 pistols are a real, actual, match-grade 1911 pistol that’s been updated for the modern shooter as well as the modern police officer. It has serious capacity plus the ergonomics, trigger and accuracy the 1911 platform is lauded for. 

But how does the original stack up? 

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec

The Springfield Armory Mil-Spec is a basic 1911, for all intents and purposes a clone(ish) of the original M1911A1 formerly issued in the US armed forces. These are the specs:

Barrel length

5 inches

Overall length

8.5 inches

Overall width (at controls)

1.3 inches 


5.5 inches


40 oz


7+1 of the Lord’s Caliber of .45 ACP


$809 as tested


The Mil-Spec can be had in parkerized carbon steel or stainless steel. The one we had at the range was the latter; MSRP for the carbon steel model is $709. 

The gun has a forged frame, slide and barrel. The small parts are all cast or metal injection-molded (MIM), which is the case for all Springfield Armory pistols that don’t come from their custom shop. 

It has an arched mainspring housing, trigger guard scallops, a spur hammer, GI-style grip safety and thumb safety, and GI-style curved trigger which is drop-in rather than fit. The sights are the classic dovetail rear/pinned front sight set. 

The Springfield Mil-Spec does have some differences compared to an actual M1911A1 or modern “correct” clone. The ejection port is lowered, there isn’t a lanyard loop, and the sights are larger with three white dots. 

It’s the classic 1911, or at least a modern reproduction of one. But how does it stack up to a Staccato? 


Staccato 2011 Vs. Springfield 1911

Let’s face it: comparing a semi-custom 2011 to a mass-production 1911 isn’t fair. 

It’s like comparing a 60’s Mustang to a modern BMW M5. They’re both cool cars with a lot of horsepower but the modern car has capabilities that the classic car just doesn’t. There’s more horsepower, the brakes are better, the suspension is better, and the safety features are more advanced. 

And that’s more or less what we found shooting both of these guns. 

If you were to compare a semi-custom 1911 like a Dan Wesson, Les Baer or Wilson Combat gun to a Staccato, you’re going to come a little closer but only in everything but the carrying capacity. With that said, the Staccato is head and shoulders above the typical mass-market 1911 and just about every modern service pistol you can name. It’s so much easier to shoot quickly and accurately, the slide seems like it’s riding on glass rails, the trigger is so much better…we could pour superlatives over it all day long. 

But we also appreciated the Springfield for what it is. 

There’s something to what people say about the 1911 pistol. It feels great in the hand. It points naturally. It’s easy to hit with. It’s one of the most pleasant pistols to shoot, and frankly runs out of bullets too quickly! 

But they’re different tools for different tasks. “Better” is not really the question; what you want to get out of it is. 

The Staccato pistols are designed and made for the pinnacle of capability and performance. They are accurate, rugged, reliable, made with a greater standard of care than…pretty much all pistols…and incredibly capable. Most people who own one will never come close to its limits in terms of performance. 

The classic 1911 is like a vintage Mustang. You get one because it looks good and it makes you feel good to have one, not because it’s the pinnacle of modern performance. It’s something you appreciate for its own sake. 

There is a niche – and a viable one – for the 1911 as a defensive pistol in today’s world, but it’s a very specific niche and it is definitely not the gun for everyone…but that’s a discussion for another time. 

If you want a modern service pistol that’s race-ready AND duty-ready, the Staccato 2011 is basically the best you can get short of a custom gun from Chambers Custom, Practical Performance or a shop like that. They don’t get any better. 

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