Best Handgun for a Woman – Top Choices Reviewed 2024


Equipping a handgun with the right accessories is much like choosing the perfect pair of shoes —fit and function create the foundation for confidence and style. By selecting customized women’s handgun accessories and concealed carry holsters, female shooters empower themselves with enhanced proficiency and preparedness for any scenario.


The journey to empower women with handguns is deeply personal and requires attentiveness to the specifics of fit, feel, and firepower that align with their unique needs. In recognizing the optimal self-defense firearms for women, attention to details like ergonomics, operational purpose, and individual comfort has been paramount. It’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting women-friendly handguns. By focusing on models that provide an equilibrium of manageability and efficacy, such as the Walther PDP-F, various Glock configurations, and the Sig Sauer P365, we equip our female shooters with tools that indeed enhance their agency.

As this article elucidates, the best firearms for females do not merely encompass the tangible aspects of the weapon. Instead, empowerment stems from a synergy of ergonomically sound design, inherent reliability, and the support of fitting accessories, all of which are necessary for a woman to feel genuinely capable in handling her chosen firearm. By advocating for firearms that offer a seamless blend of control and comfort, like those that have been reviewed, we lay the groundwork for resilient self-defense practices for women.

Fundamentally, providing the best handguns for female shooters goes hand in hand with fostering an environment where knowledge, practice, and the right equipment empower them to stand confident in their self-defense capabilities. The culmination of our exploration in the realm of handguns for women is the empowerment achieved through informed, individual choices that resonate with each woman’s unique self-defense journey.


What makes a handgun suitable for a woman?

A suitable handgun for a woman is one that offers comfort, ease of handling, and confidence in shooting. It should fit the shooter’s hand size, be easy to operate, manage recoil well, and align with the intended use, such as concealed carry or home defense.

How important is the size of the handgun for female shooters?

The size of the handgun is crucial for concealability and comfort, particularly for on-body carry. A handgun should complement a woman’s body type and wardrobe to remain discreet and accessible. Shooting comfort and the ability to maintain a secure grip are also related to handgun size.

Are there specific handgun models recommended for female shooters?

Yes, models such as the Walther PDP-F, Glock 17Glock 19Glock 43X, Sig Sauer P365, and the Springfield Armory Hellcat are highly recommended for female shooters. These handguns offer features that cater to comfort, ergonomics, and reliable performance.

What criteria should be considered when selecting a women-friendly handgun?

When selecting a women-friendly handgun, considerations should include the firearm’s ergonomics, recoil manageability, caliber, size, weight, operational features, and the potential for customization to suit personal preferences and needs.

What is the Walther PDP-F and why is it a top choice for female shooters?

The Walther PDP-F is a handgun designed with features specifically for shooters with smaller hands, such as a reduced circumference grip, shorter trigger reach, and decreased slide force. It stands out for its ergonomic design and suitability for a wide range of hand sizes, making it a top choice for female shooters.

Can women use revolvers for self-defense?

Absolutely, women can use revolvers for self-defense. Revolvers can be easier to operate due to their simplicity and have fewer recoil control concerns. However, the choice between a revolver and a semi-automatic should be based on personal comfort, ease of use, and the shooter’s preference.

How do micro-compact firearms like the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat fit into women’s self-defense?

Micro-compact firearms such as the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat are excellent choices for women’s self-defense due to their high capacity in a small frame, making them ideal for concealed carry. They offer advanced ergonomics, manageable recoil, and come with a variety of sight options.

What accessories should be considered for women’s handguns?

When considering accessories for women’s handguns, look at holsters that provide a comfortable and secure fit, like those from Alien Gear Holsters. Additional accessories could include user-preferred sights, grips for a secure hold, and extended magazines for increased capacity.

Why is personal empowerment important when choosing a handgun for self-defense?

Personal empowerment is integral to self-defense because it encompasses the confidence and ability to operate the handgun effectively under stress. A woman must feel assured in her choice of firearm, which includes its fit, function, and her proficiency with it as a tool for protecting herself.

Are certain calibers more suitable for female shooters?

While there is no caliber specifically more suitable for female shooters, many find that lower recoil calibers such as .380 ACP or 9mm offer a good balance of manageability and defensive capability. The best caliber is one that the individual feels comfortable shooting and can handle confidently.

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