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A lot of you will be familiar with InRange TV’s series of Brutality matches held across the nation throughout the year. Brutality matches quickly became my favorite type of firearms competition as they blend a good variety of skill, physical endurance, and problem-solving, along with a great environment to test your gear in to create a truly rewarding firearms event. I personally covered Woodland Brutality 2022 last year where I participated in the event along with today’s podcast guest, my good friend Tom Symonds. Tom is an aficionado of military firearms and equipment as well as a talented artist (some of you who watch TFBTV will have seen his artwork on the wall behind James Reeves’ usual set). Since I personally wasn’t able to attend this year’s match held at the Echo Valley Training Center in West Virginia, I’m bringing Tom on to retell his experience. So buckle up, grab a drink, and prepare to experience a Woodland Brutality 2023 recap from the perspective of my friend Tom Symonds.

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Today guest Tom Symonds | TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

On Today’s episode of the podcast, I’ve brought on my good buddy Tom Symonds to talk about his experiences at this year’s Woodland Brutality 2023! Tom is an avid firearms enthusiast and competitive shooter who has spent most of his life sketching, drawing, and dreaming about firearms, and military equipment. Today Tom and I reminisce about Woodland Brutality 2022, talk about his specific choices for firearms and equipment for Woodland Brulaity 2023, and of course, give everyone a general overview about what to expect at any brutality match they might show up to. Tom also takes some time to give us a detailed breakdown of each stage, and also an after-action report of his general performance, where he thought most people had trouble on that specific stage and what methods were used to overcome it. For those of you who haven’t been to a brutality match, you should definitely check them out and consider participating – it’s a great way to get into the competitive world with virtually any rifle and pistol! Please welcome my friend Tom Symonds to the show today as we recap Woodland Brutality 2023!

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #71: Woodland Brutality 2023 Recap with Tom S

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