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Walther has a new competition model. The new PDP Match Steel Frame builds on the existing Match polymer frame model but adds a steel frame (hence the name). Let’s see what other features it has.

Walther @ TFB:

The magazine capacity is 18 or 20 rounds. Walther includes two 20-rounders and one 18-rounder with the PDP Match Steel Frame. A model with 10-round magazines is in the works for those of you in non-fun states. Walther notes that standard flush-fit magazines will not fit due to the extended magazine well.

Moving up from the frame, the slide has front and rear serrations. It also includes an optics cut and an adjustable rear sight. The standard barrel length is 5 inches, and the trigger pull is listed as 5 pounds. Walther lists an MSRP of $1899. Look for it soon at a retailer near you.

Walther Releases PDP Match Steel Frame Walther Releases PDP Match Steel Frame Walther Releases PDP Match Steel Frame

From the manufacturer:

Step into a new dimension of firearms excellence with the Walther PDP Match Steel Frame—a masterpiece meticulously designed to shatter performance boundaries and redefine precision. This extraordinary firearm is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution, introducing a precision-machined steel frame that elevates the concept of excellence to unprecedented heights.

The substantial weight of the steel frame is a game-changer, significantly taming recoil and delivering a level of smoothness in every shot that’s second to none. The result? Lightning-fast follow-up shots and laser-like accuracy.

Welcome to a new era of shooting where precision, power, and the enduring allure of steel converge in perfect harmony. The PDP Match Steel Frame stands as a testament to excellence, setting unyielding standards for the modern pistol. Whether you’re a competitive sharpshooter or an enthusiast who demands nothing but the best in terms of precision and durability, the PDP Match Steel Frame will redefine your every expectation.

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