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The new AK Trigger from Timney is now available. This drop-in trigger has a 3.5-pound single-stage pull and fits a wide range of AK models. Let’s check it out.

Timney @ TFB:

Like other triggers made by Timney, the AK47 Trigger is a cassette-type drop-in unit. That means it can be installed as one piece, without snapping your hand with a spring. It uses hex screws to center the trigger pack in the receiver and steady it while the pins are installed. Another feature is an adjustable screw to match the various safety levers used on AK rifles. The AK47 Trigger costs $249.99 and is now in stock on the Timney website.

Timney Begins Shipping AK Trigger

Timney Begins Shipping AK Trigger

From the manufacturer:

We’re thrilled to announce our latest Customer’s Choice Trigger offering is now available – introducing the AK Drop-In Trigger, the newest innovation from the men and women who build The World’s Finest Triggers™.

Timney’s engineers worked tirelessly to design a trigger that fits in as many variants as possible by engineering three key features that set this trigger apart. The AK Drop-In is exactly as the name states: a complete, 100% drop-in, cassette-style unit. The trigger features an adjustable screw to match existing rifle’s safety levers, allowing the trigger to fit multiple variants. Finally, it’s secured in the housing using four set screws that mechanically bind the trigger to the receiver, similar to our AR offerings.

With a pull weight of 3.5 pounds, the new Timney AK trigger delivers an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage trigger pull, and features a curved trigger shoe.

The AK Drop-In trigger is compatible with the following country variants: Bulgarian, Chinese, East German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, United States, and Yugoslavian AKM’s

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