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FN is excited to announce its second-ever suppressor, and its first-ever rimfire suppressor, the new Catch 22 Ti. This new Titanium rimfire suppressor weighs in at a scant 5 ounces and is both user-serviceable and features a High-Temp Cerakote finish in either black or FDE. Billed as being Versatile, Durable, Lightweight, and specifically for rimfire, the Catch 22 Ti seems like it might be a perfect pairing for the FN502 Tactical rimfire pistol.

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Small and Tough – FN’s New Catch 22 Ti Rimfire Suppressor

They say silence is golden, but it’s rarely quiet on the range. This is where the all-new FN Catch 22 Ti covers the gap – The light, tough and versatile suppressor spins up to all your suppressor-ready rimfires, turning a good day on range into an incredibly quiet blast.


Making a rimfire suppressor last a lifetime and cutting weight and materials are diametrically opposite design goals. It’s one of the reasons for the Catch 22™ name – serving both masters is open territory to innovate. Developed to exceed the durability markers FN owners rely on, and enduring all torture tests is a minimum requirement to bear the FN brand. A lightweight and tough titanium design is part of the secret sauce that perfects the strength-to-weight ratio. Catch 22 Ti is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.


Suppressed pistols and rifles that don’t cycle break your rhythm on range. Blowback rimfires rely on consistent slide speeds, so increases in back pressure, and ammo changes all cause problems. How to avoid jams when shooting suppressed is solved with the novel gas management system inside Catch 22 Ti. This tiny suppressor is one of the quietest, and runs bulk ammo more reliably on multiple hosts.


Catch 22 Ti cleaning is fast and easy. Remove the end cap with the included tool and slide the baffle stack out the nose for a wipe down. The precise fitment between the stainless steel blast baffle and successive hard anodized 7075 aluminum baffles keeps powder and primer residue where they belong, inside the baffle core.


Although you can run a Catch 22 Ti on almost any threaded muzzle rimfire, the FN 502 Tactical is a natural mate. Max-capacity magazines and suppressor-height sights make for a spin-on and shoot pairing. The ½” x 28 mount on Catch 22 Ti spins up to most suppressor-ready rifles and pistols chambered in 22 LR, 22 MAG, 22 WMR and 17 HMR.


At just 1.1” diameter and ≈5-oz., Catch 22 Ti clears suppressor-height sights, with the titanium tube holding strong. Lightweight and tough where it needs to be, smarter materials selection gives shooters a quiet and smooth experience, without the burden of a muzzle-heavy design.

Small and Tough - FN's New Catch 22 Ti Rimfire Suppressor

In addition to what looks like an impressive set of specifications and features, the FN Catch 22 Ti also comes in at a fairly affordable MSRP of $499. What’s even better is that it’s rated for every common rimfire cartridge you can imagine and is safe to use on both rifles and pistols. The new Catch 22 Ti suppressor from FN America is available for order now through Silencer Shop, or from a list of authorized dealers that you can find on the FN America website.

Small and Tough - FN's New Catch 22 Ti Rimfire Suppressor

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