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For a long time, Savage Arms built straight-shooting rifles at affordable prices, but lately, they’ve been adding a lot of options for hunters who appreciate the finer things of life. The latest entry along these lines is the KLYM rifle series. Intended for big game hunters on the move, the KLYM series adds modern materials to the long-running 110 platform as well as the newer straight-pull Impulse platform.

To build these rifles, Savage partnered with PROOF Research and Fine Ballistic Tools (FBT) for a design that’s lightweight and aimed at long-distance, pinpoint-precision performance.

Savage Arms marketeer Beth Shimanski said “PROOF and FBT helped take us to the next level. Hunters accustomed to long hunts and backcountry expeditions that span multiple days and numerous climbs will appreciate the lightweight platform that maintains the ultimate in accuracy and reliability. Everything about this rifle was made to perform as it stands up to the elements and puts the latest technologies in these comprehensive big game rifles.”

Here’s the trick new stock, including a one-button adjustable riser. (Savage Arms)

The KLYM lineup’s features

So what are the new rifles all about then? Start with a carbon fiber-wrapped, stainless steel cut-rifled barrel with 5/8×24 thread at the muzzle. These are provided by PROOF Research and dropped into a custom carbon fiber stock from FBT. Not only does the trick new furniture offer a weather-resistant, stable bed for the rifle’s mechanical bits, but it also has a one-button adjustable comb height. Shooters can dial in their mounting position exactly to their liking. Two sling swivels come built into the stock, along with a Magnaswitch mounting system.

The classic 110

Other features are more familiar. The 110 KLYM is, as the name implies, built on the classic 110 action. A user-adjustable AccuTrigger is standard. The owners can set it in to break in the 1.5 to 4-pound range. The rifle has a tang safety, a blueprinted action, and of course the receiver is drilled/tapped from the factory. A one-piece Picatinny rail ships with the rifle.

Claimed weight is 5.9 pounds to 6.1 pounds, depending on what cartridge you’re shooting. The 110 KLYM comes chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, 6.5 PRC, 7mm PRC, 300 Win Mag, or 300 WSM. MSRP is $2,699.

The action itself is familiar, mated to a high-performance carbon fiber-wrapped barrel. (Savage Arms)

The modern Impulse

The straight-pull Impulse action comes in the same chamberings. The newer Euro-style action is more expensive to make and higher-priced as a result. Weights once again depend on what you’re shooting, ranging from 6.6 to just under 7 pounds.

Rifles in this series command a $3,299 MSRP. That may be a lot more money than you ever expected to spend on a Savage, but you’re getting custom shop-level handcrafting here. In the ongoing quest to build better backcountry rifles that combine low weight with hard-hitting accuracy, Savage has blazed well beyond the budget-friendly models that typified its lineup for years. Find more details at

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