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The worst part about any range trip for me is setting up and taking down everything. When TFBTV’s Hop and I go to shoot, it usually involves several steel targets and several paper targets. Over time, we’ve learned to streamline our gear down to be more efficient but bulk and weight are still always an issue and that’s why Re-Nine Safety’s new Compact Target Stands piqued my interest. Their new 1×2 Compact Target Stands are made to work with common 18″ wide cardboard targets and fold down into a compact package for transport and quick setup.

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Lighter and Smaller is Better: Re-Nine Safety's Compact Target Stands

Lighter and Smaller is Better: Re-Nine Safety’s Compact Target Stands

Presenting our latest innovation: the Compact 1×2 Target Stand. At Re-Nine Safety, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and dealers, and this new product is no exception. Our stand has been designed to be compact, ensuring easy storage and transportation, and making it an efficient addition to any gun store’s inventory.

  • Welded base constructed of mild unfinished steel and steel tubing.
  • Legs bolt flat to the side of the base for compact storage and easy transport.
  • Assembles quickly with legs sliding into place and bolts clamping them securely in place.
  • Ground stake holes on the legs ensure it stays securely in ground.
  • 18” stance holds most common cardboard silhouette targets including Re-Nine Safety Silhouettes.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This stand’s compact size makes it easy for any gun store to inventory. And with the help of box labels, dealers can effortlessly sell this product. Dealers can also increase their sales by offering silhouette targets paper targets, and self-adhesive targets as add-ons. Some stores even include 1x2s, making it a one-stop shop for all customer needs. At Re-Nine Safety, we make ordering easy with our online platform. Dealers can access their case quantities and prices by logging in through the My Account page, and new dealers can click on “Become a Dealer” to get started. Plus, we offer free shipping for orders over

“We greatly appreciate the dealers who worked with us as we ramped up our manufacturing for this new product,” said Drue Addis, Vice President of Re-Nine Safety. “It’s exciting to be positioned where we can continue to scale up manufacturing as we expand into new markets across the county.

Lighter and Smaller is Better: Re-Nine Safety's Compact Target Stands

Each Re-Nine 1×2 Compact Target Stand costs $45 from the Re-Nine Safety website. In addition to the new target stands, Re-Nine also offers a line of cardboard shooting targets and disposable safety cones for construction projects, or maybe even as disposable cones for a competitive shooting event – they look pretty shootable to me. For more information on both the new Compact 1×2 Target Stands as well as Re-Nine’s other products, you can visit

Lighter and Smaller is Better: Re-Nine Safety's Compact Target Stands

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