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Last month, PTR Industries Inc., well known for their US-made G3 rifles announced that they imported  Archon B Gen 2 and Gen I pistols to the US. PTR will also begin manufacturing those pistols and handle customer service within the US. They already started training technicians who can work on Archon pistols.

PTR Industries @ TFB:

The first generation of this pistol was first released to the US market in 2018. TFB already covered the long and fascinating history of this handgun. The main feature of the Archon B is the AF Speedlock system, the alternative to the standard Browning tilting barrel locking mechanism used in most pistols for the last 100 years.

AF Speedlock allows minimization of the pistol’s bore axis, which noticeably reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise, but adds an additional part to the pistol, a special locking piece.

Archon B Gen 1 disassembled, note the locking piece in the middle

Archon B Gen 1 disassembled, note the locking piece in the middle

Archon B Gen 2 retained the same locking system and all key features of Gen1 pistols. The company added a new modular grip, that allows user to choose the length of the grip he wants to use.

Essentially, if it was a Glock, with this modular grip you could turn your Glock 26 into Glock 19 or even 19X just by adding an additional module. So, Archon B Gen 2 can either be a subcompact, compact, or duty-sized pistol, depending on the number of grip modules you use. The magazine capacity for the standard length grip is 15 rounds, the extended grip fits 19 round magazines, and the shorter magazine for the subcompact grip should be released soon.

Unlike Gen1, Archon B Gen 2 has replaceable backstraps with different textures and an optics-ready (OR) version. There are two optics footprints available: one for Aimpoint Acro and another for Shield sights cut. There is also a suppressor version designated (SR) and finally the OSR version that has both threaded barrel and optic-ready slide.

Archon B Gen 2 OSR version. Photo by PTR Industries.

Archon B Gen 2 OSR version. Photo by PTR Industries.

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