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Those of you who follow the 3D printing and DIY antics of Jonathan Wild (AKA Wild Arms Research and Development) will no doubt have heard of his recent efforts to produce a replica M202 FLASH recoilless launcher. While we have heavily covered the test launches and adventures with the launcher here on the blog as well as on TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, I’m actually most excited today to share the announcement that Johnny Wild’s book Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon: M202A1 “FLASH” has just hit the online market. The book covers the history and purpose of the original M202 FLASH, as well as Jonathan’s build diary as he went through the process of learning about and replicating the system.

Wild Arms Research and Development @ TFB:

Wild Arms Introduces “Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon: M202A1 FLASH” Book

Explore the rich history of incendiary weaponry, from ancient Chinese battlefields to the urban streets of Berlin and the jungles of Vietnam. Throughout history, incendiary weapons have proven to be effective due to their devastating physical and psychological impact on the enemy. This comprehensive book delves into the development and evolution of these weapons, including Molotov cocktails and rocket-propelled incendiary warheads.

The centerpiece of this book is an in-depth exploration of the iconic M202a1 Flash, a widely recognized incendiary weapon immortalized in pop culture through its appearance in the 1985 film “Commando” and numerous video games. The author provides a detailed examination of this weapon’s design and development, as well as its enduring legacy and impact on modern warfare.

In addition to the M202a1 Flash, the author explores other similar incendiary weapons as well as discusses how modern manufacturing techniques have allowed for the creation and testing of his own M202a1 Flash. This book is an essential resource for military historians, weapons enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the fascinating history of incendiary weaponry.

Wild Arms Introduces: Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon M202A1 FLASH Book

Wild Arms Introduces: Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon M202A1 FLASH BookWild Arms Introduces: Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon M202A1 FLASH Book

The new book Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon: M202A1 FLASH, is available from the KommandoStore via a special collaboration between one of my favorite DIY Launcher producers and one of my favorite online gear stores. At KommandoStore you can find the book for $27.99 where you can also request that your copy of the book be signed by Johnny Wild himself before shipping to you. The book is also available through Johnny’s official Amazon store page for $29.50.

Wild Arms Introduces: Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon M202A1 FLASH Book

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