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Introducing Next-Gen Girsan High Power MCP35 PI Light-Weight

Girsan and EAA Corp continue to expand their High Power range with the new MCP35 PI LW. The pistols are available in two-tone tungsten or all-black finishes and with or without a frame rail. They are 1/2lb lighter than the full-size steel framed Girsan High Powers and also have an optics cut slide that accommodates RMS and RMSc footprints. Depending on the configuration, the pistols are available at $749 or $772 MSRP.

Girsan @ TFB:

Right – Girsan High Power MCP35 PI Light-Weight

Here’s what EAA Corp and Girsan have to say about the new pistols:

EAA Corp and Girsan Firearms are excited to unveil the latest innovation in the world of firearms – the EAA/Girsan High Power™ MCP35 PI LW. This cutting-edge pistol redefines the standards of concealed carry firearms with its exceptional lightweight design and versatility, all while retaining a traditional lightweight metal frame and single-action trigger.

But that’s not all – with the help of our partners, you can experience the MCP35 PI LW for yourself through our exclusive dealer range event. This groundbreaking pistol features an alloy metal frame, making it up to 1/2lb lighter than the traditional steel frame Girsan High Power™. This enhancement not only ensures superior comfort but also facilitates effortless carrying for extended periods, a feature showcased during test firing sessions at participating ranges. Don’t miss out on the chance to test fire and truly appreciate the MCP35 PI LW’s performance at a range near you. To find a list of participating ranges, please visit our website at

Left – Girsan High Power MCP35 PI Light-Weight

Key Features of the EAA/Girsan High Power™ MCP35 PI LW include:

1. Multiple Configurations: The MCP35 PI LW is available in four distinctive variants, ensuring that every shooter can find the perfect fit for their needs. Choose from a Two-Tone Tungsten or all Black finish, with or without a rail (OPS or MATCH), to suit your preferences.

2. Optic Ready: All variants of the MCP35 PI LW come optic-ready, accommodating RMS and RMSc footprint optics, providing enhanced accuracy and target acquisition for shooters of all skill levels.

4. 9mm Chambering: Chambered in the widely popular 9mm caliber, the MCP35 PI LW combines manageable recoil with a substantial 15+1 rounds capacity magazine, making it an ideal choice for self-defense and target shooting.

5. Perfect for Concealed Carry: With a compact 3.88″ barrel and an overall lighter weight of 1.34 lbs., the MCP35 PI LW model is optimized for concealed carry, ensuring both comfort and discretion for everyday carry.

6. Additional Features: The MCP35 PI LW (OPS or MATCH) continues to offer shooters a generous number of features to include: G10 grips, ambidextrous safeties, an extended beavertail, straight trigger, fiber optic front sight and no magazine disconnect.

Girsan High Power™ 3.88” 9mm Black OPS | SKU: 390434 | SRP: $749

Girsan High Power™ 3.88” 9mm Two-Tone OPS | SKU: 390436 | SRP: $772

Girsan High Power™ 3.88” 9mm Black MATCH | SKU: 390430 | SRP: $749

Girsan High Power™ 3.88” 9mm Two-Tone MATCH | SKU: 390432 | SRP: $772

“EAA Corp and Girsan have come together to create a pistol that offers unmatched performance, versatility, and comfort for concealed carry,” said Chase Duffey, National Sales and Imports Manager at EAA Corp. “The MCP35 PI LW is a game-changer, and we are excited to introduce it to firearms enthusiasts who demand the best. I think if John Browning was around today he would give us a Thumbs Up for the MCP35 PI LW”

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