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 – For almost 100 years, as a leading Polish company in the arms industry, we have been supplying small arms to our army, of which we are extremely proud, but we also feel the importance of responsibility – says Dr. Wojciech Arndt, President of the Management Board of Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” – Radom sp. z o. o. – Constantly we conduct a dialogue with our main recipient, listening to their needs and responding to them, an example of which is the MSBS GROT rifle family. We are currently preparing for deliveries of the 762N sniper rifle, we are working on the A3 version of the GROT carbine, a sub-carbine with a 10-inch barrel and a stockless version.

The MSBS GROT carbine was created as part of the ZISW TYTAN military project. This unique design allows for quick replacement of key modules, such as the barrel with an integrated gas chamber, the trigger chamber with the trigger mechanism or the stock. Thanks to this, you can quickly adapt the weapon to a specific recipient and specific needs. All these features can be achieved in both the classic and stockless configuration for right- and left-handed users.

Fabryka Broni has fully implemented the user’s requirement to modernize individual soldier equipment, adapting it to the latest standards and implementing the offered units into series production.

 – The number of 100,000 MSBS GROT rifles produced for the Polish Army is impressive not only in the country, but also abroad – says Seweryn Figurski, member of the Management Board of the “Łucznik” Weapons Factory – Radom sp. z o. o. – We have been exhibiting them at international arms fairs for several years. , where they arouse great interest and stand next to the world’s best products.

The first examples of MSBS GROT rifles entered the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces in November 2017. They also still have 96,000 BERYL assault rifles, manufactured at the Radom plant.

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