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Delta Optical officially launched the Stryker HD 1-10×28 on October 17th. This optic was announced earlier this year but is now available. Let’s check out the features it brings to the market.

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Delta Optical is a European company, but this scope is manufactured in Japan with ED glass. Like many 1-10x scopes, this one features a 34mm main tube. The field of view is approximately 128 feet at 100 meters. 

One unique feature in this product class is the side parallax adjustment. This reduces the parallax errors that can be an issue with these higher magnification LPVOs (yeah that’s a bit of an oxymoron but you know what I mean). The reticle is in the first focal plane and features illumination, an outer circle, and a Christmas tree-style MRAD grid visible at higher magnification. It also has a ranging feature below the aiming portion.

The Stryker HD 1-10×28 has a retail price of $1,695. Look for it at retailers soon.

Delta Optical Launches Stryker HD 1-10x28 LPVO Delta Optical Launches Stryker HD 1-10x28 LPVO

From the manufacturer:

Discover the pinnacle of precision and innovation with the all-new Delta Stryker HD 1-10X24 FFP LPVO rifle scope, redefining excellence in 2023. Expertly crafted in Japan and harnessed with state-of-the-art super ED glass, this scope delivers unprecedented clarity and light transmission, ensuring each shot is a testament to your skill.

The Delta Stryker offers exceptional flexibility for various shooting scenarios, boasting a versatile magnification range of 1X-10X and a compact 28mm objective diameter. Its expansive field of view, from 38.9m to 3.9m @ 100m, guarantees you never miss a crucial moment.

Unleash your potential with an eye relief range of 83-99mm, ensuring comfortable and consistent sight alignment. With a Diopter range of -2D to +2D, this scope adapts to your unique vision, promoting seamless accuracy. Dive into any challenge, thanks to its waterproof (N2) construction of 0.3kg/cm, providing unwavering performance under any conditions.

Embrace the future of targeting with the first focal plane SDOG-1 reticle, further enhanced by illuminating cross and ring elements. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, the Delta Stryker guarantees precise aiming with counter-clockwise adjustments.

Fine-tune your shots effortlessly with per-click adjustments of 0.1mrad, ensuring unparalleled precision. Its 10mrad per revolution capability, alongside an elevational adjustment range of 29mrad and windage adjustment range of 23mrad, empowers you to conquer any shooting environment.

Say goodbye to parallax concerns, as the 10m to infinity parallax adjustment guarantees spot-on accuracy at varying distances. The rugged 34mm tube diameter, with a length of 250mm and a mere weight of 625g, makes it a perfect companion for your journeys.

Trust in a scope built to last, backed by a 10-year warranty. Elevate your shooting prowess and make the Delta Stryker HD 1-10X24 FFP LPVO rifle scope an extension of your accuracy-driven mindset.

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