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Bushmaster Firearms is excited to announce two big milestones in their company’s history including their 50th anniversary as a company, as well as their new location in Carson City, Nevada. In honor of both of these occasions, the company has decided to bring back a classic that will showcase what the company is all about (but only for a limited time). The new Limited Edition Bushmaster XM15A2 is available now and is the company’s ode to “when things were simple.”

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Bushmaster's Limited Edition Retro Carry Handle XM15A2

Bushmaster’s Limited Edition Retro Carry Handle XM15A2

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Bushmaster Firearms and our new home in Carson City, Nevada, we created the XM15A2 to honor the legacy and 50 year history of Bushmaster® Firearms. This rifle will remind you of a time when things were simple, back when the standard was iron sights and carry handles. We brought back phosphate finished, chrome lined barrels and bolt carriers to rival the durability of the Windham, Maine originals. This may have been your fathers rifle growing up, or possibly your first AR. Our legacy began back when trucks didn’t need a microchip and your password got you into the treehouse, not locked out of your bank account. This rifle makes the perfect replacement for that gun you sold cheap or rebuilt with a flattop. The XM15A2 is available now, and is 100% built in America by proud Americans.

Bushmaster's Limited Edition Retro Carry Handle XM15A2

The limited edition rifle will be chambered in 5.56 NATO, feature a 20″ phosphate chrome lined 1:7 twist barrel, and will come with its own special model marking for the receiver (XM15-E2S) as well as a chrome lined phosphate bolt carrier, 3 steel magazines, a challenge coin, special custom fit case, and a special 50th Anniversary gold logo on the lower receiver. The price for these limited edition rifles is set at $1,636.95 for the “Gold Edition,” or $1,649.95 for the CA Compliant Edition. For more information and to see a complete list of specifications for both rifles, visit http://bushmaster.com/.

Bushmaster's Limited Edition Retro Carry Handle XM15A2

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